extra essential


http://www.shoutcast.com (the best source of music on the internet in my opinion :))
this here so people know where 80 percent of my music is from and where to go want to check it out and it is to say thanks to shoutcast i love you shoutcast


where i ocassionally record stuff from but hardly ever but its good its there and thanks to them as well


chillout music on you tube the best in my opinion
thats the very place to go if your into video music radio or just music videos I aint i like pure radio no video

A side note 45 minute radio recordings

I do a cassette to mp3 service some of the time for friends hence why my recordings are 45 minutes long in honour of the cassette tape and it fits with all media perfectly

Sorry I don’t do vinly I might do one day

I know people with massive tape collections

And vinly was never my thing I liked portable playlist music hence why I began using computer eons a go

I used to love my aiwa cassette walkman with a remote best ever ran of two simple batteries

I am going to invest in a USB vinyl deck at some point